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New Home Framing Tottenham

This is a new home we framed with Rob Reith and his crew from Reith Custom Building Cookstown. This framing job was actually Rob’s and we were just helping out. The home is located just north of Tottenham on a huge lot in the forest, as you can see from the picture. Framing by: Reith […]

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New Garage in Cookstown

This is an over-sized three bay garage we build just west of Cookstown, actually it is really a workshop with a hoist. We built this garage/shop for Sid who likes to work on his old Ford Thunderbird.

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GoliathTech Screw Piles – GoliathTech Ontario

This year we are offering our customers a new option for their deck foundations – Helical screw piles by GoliathTech Ontario. Simcoe Carpentry has teamed up with Paul Barbour of GoliathTech Ontario to offer this product as a cost effective, and time efficient alternative, to regular poured concrete foundations. Paul, the owner of GoliathTech Ontario, […]

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Extruded Aluminum Installation

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It’s not very often we are asked to work on a project that doesn’t involve wood, but this week it happened. The job involved installing Extruded Aluminum louvres on part of an addition to Sir Sandford Fleming College, 599 Brealey Dr, Peterborough. The contract for installing these louvres and all the glass and doors in the addition […]

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Finished Basement in Caledon

Finished Basement: As this winter seems to never end, we are happy to have finished the main framing and carpentry work at the Nelson residence in Caledon. The project was late starting due to the architect and The Town of Caledon’s Building Department not having the building permit ready on time. With such a large […]

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High-End Deck Building

High-End Deck Building Demands the Strength of Face Fastening for Reliable, Long-Term Results. The technique of using wood plugs to hide screw heads has been around for hundreds of years. There are two basic reasons for its continuing popularity. The first of which is practical — they cover and protect the heads of screws. The second […]

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