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Kitchen Renovations

Preparation Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

– Prepare a list of every item you are supplying and should have on location as soon as construction commences. Have you already purchased the sink and faucet, do you have your new appliance shipping planned? The reason behind this is that as soon as the renovation work starts things get a slight more disorderly. Ordering the new sink will slip your mind, and you’ll find yourself rushing once the building contractor requires items.

– Determine expectations with your contractor before work begins. This is not just with regards to informing the contractor what you require, it is with regards to the contractor and various other professionals informing you what are practical expected results. This will make for a more pleasing experience all-around.

– As the property owner, you in reality have some influence on the kitchen installation and renovation schedule. For example: Taking too long to finalize decisions can cause excessive hold-ups.


Below are some things to consider and discuss with your contractor:

– Roughly how long will the kitchen renovation last?

– Consult with your building contractor what can be done to safeguard against setbacks – this usually means purchasing all of the products you are supplying and having them available. Also designing as you go and making changes will generally affect the completion date.

– Prepare for dust control – construction should be isolated from the rest of the house as much as possible.

– Discuss debris removal – many homeowners prefer to dispose of the old kitchen to save money or a dumpster may be needed – space will have to be allocated for the dumpster in the driveway or yard.

– Exactly what space is allocated for the construction process – area for tools, materials and cutting. Bathroom amenities also need to be taken into consideration.

– Daily cleanup – most contractors clean up at the end of each day but do not always remove materials and tools for the workplace. Explain what you’re looking for, however bear in mind various requirements may possibly add expense.

– What hours are good for the kitchen renovators to work and what days can they work. Keep in mind that renovation work can run into unexpected complications, and often contractors may need to make up time by working longer hours and weekends.

– Consider your nearby neighbors and ask the building contractor to try to do the same. Letting the neighbors be aware of you’re construction project and that there will be workers around is always best. Ask them to kindly tell you if there are problems such as excessive noise or dirt. Blocking the street with additional parking, dumpsters, and deliveries are often issues.

– Clear out your cupboards and put all the items you won’t need into boxes. Divide the things that you need to use within your long-term kitchen if you are setting one up. The more organized and prepared, the happier you will end up being. Even if you plan to eat out every night, you may want a spot to brew a cup of coffee or make a snack.

– With flat-pack or Ikea kitchen installation keep in mind you will need space to build the cabinets before installing them.

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